Criminal Law

Aggressively Fighting Against California Criminal Charges

Criminal Law

to speak with a criminal law attorney


is contract between you and yourself, with a Trustee managing assets for the beneficiaries.  The goal is to avoid expensive probate. 

Misdemeanors and Financial Crimes

for property management (life insurance, retirement accounts, 401K, IRAs, and you can name the trust as a contingent beneficiary

Drug Possession / Sales

to ensure your end of life wishes are carried out as directed by you 

Gang Enhancements

if you have minor children


a pour over will is included in your estate planning for the assets that already have beneficiaries  

Weapons Offenses

is a document that transfers personal property to trust

Alternative Sentencing

certifies funding of trust

Violent Offenses

certifies funding of trust

Record Expungment

Allocated assets to the Trust 


80% of Americans are unable to afford legal services.  We are here to change that.  Our goal is to make justice accessible, and legal representation affordable.  

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Black Lives Matter

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no human is illegal

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We are changing the game, and the legal industry will never be the same!!  The legal industry has always been far too self absorbed and focused on the wrong goals.  YOUR GOALS.   It’s time for something different.  Peace begins with knowing your rights are protected.  There is a Revolution for Change by people all over the world who a fighting for peace, and we are here for it.  

Every thing is online

Let’s do business!!  And let’s do it online.  The need or desire for people to come into our legal offices has shifted over the course of the last several years, and obviously recently, in a dramatic fashion.  Clients have always preferred wanted to be able to manage their legal affairs without trekking into a stuffy office building, but now, clients are doing so out of necessity.  With online forms, and virtual consultations, we can do it all, online.  

Our law firm is licensed to practice in California, and we’ve helped client’s throughout the state for decades.  Let us know how we can help you!

Contact Us by text at 415 843-1law (1529)

we still have an office

Yes, we still have a physical location.  We understand that sometimes meeting in person is necessary, although we’d argue that in 2020, it’s almost never, but we are here if you need us. 

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