About Our Mission:

We envision a future in which every hard-working person in North America can have access to the legal help they need, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

We recognize a massive opportunity for attorneys to offer unbundled legal services as a means to both build a profitable practice, and help those who may not be able to afford a huge upfront retainer – thus significantly reducing the amount of people filing “pro-se” who might put themselves in precarious legal situations.


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About the founder...

Hola… I’m Cesar R. Gomez, Picazo, Acevez, Rodriguez.  My family is from Mezcala, Jalisco (heart emoji). 

I was also a D student in High School.  At that time, both of my Brothers had already been to prison.  I guess I was supposed be next?

In 1995 I found himself in jail, a completely innocent man facing a baseless murder charge on the word of a convicted felon, with a half million dollar bail.  Yada, yada, yada, a month later I was free, and released with time served and a misdemeanor.  INSERT SIGH EMOJI. 

Long story short, that was the motivation I needed to take my behind to community college.  I got a 3.75 my first semester back as an older student and never looked back.  I transferred to the University of San Francisco with a Bachelors Degree in Business Communications and eventually earned a law degree from San Francisco Law School.   

In the early 2000, I worked as Director of Education at Arriba Juntos in San Francisco’s historic Mission District,.  it was there that I became aware of a housing dispute between local and migrant farmworkers throughout California.  I helped organized attorneys and activists with the Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, the Western Farmworkers Union, and the United Farm Workers to sue the state of California on behalf of 11 thousand farmworkers who’s rents were being illegally increased without a hearing.  We won close to a million dollars, and helped make sure those funds were distributed to the farmworkers who were exposed to toxic working conditions and various other predatory business practices.  

I went on to work for Law.com, and LegalMatch, and then with that knowledge legal marketing and client acquisition, I worked for various local law firms as a Paralegal, JD Associate.  

“Why aren’t you a licensed attorney??”  I didn’t pass the bar.  don’t judge me!  

But I have skills and kept playing in the legal field.   So I eventually starting a business as a legal business consultant for law firms, helping them streamline their client acquisition process and stuff.  

But what good is all that nonsense if MOST PEOPLE CAN’T AFFORD YOUR SERVICES.

And remember… I never game into this game to be a fancy lawyer.  NOPE.  

I did this to hopefully prevent what happened to me from happening to another person… So I linked up with a few great lawyers… HONEST lawyers.  Imagine that?  Working with an attorney that actually care about JUSTICE.

And justice can be as simple as hiring a law firm to review a lease agreement, to being represented in a murder trial.  

We can’t take every case, but if we can’t we can direct you to a few resources to help you find the right lawyer. 

Black Lives Matter.  Also No Human Is Illegal. You know where we’re going with this.  

We are Un-apologetically Pro Justice. 

 Thank’s for reading.